Q. How do I get a Twitter Account?
A. If you don't have a Twitter account, go to Fill in the simple blanks and you will have your account.

Q. What should I use for my Twitter name?

A. Many people use their real name or some form of it. If you use a nickname, remember that you will be stuck with it the whole time. If you have used the same nickname in other accounts, then that may be what you want to use here as well.

Q. Should I fill in the profile and what should I say?
A. It is important to share some accurate facts about yourself. It will help others decide if you're someone they want to follow. Without a valid photo or avatar and description, you might be mistaken for a spammer.

Q. What is a tweet?
A. A 'tweet' is a short message, maximum of 140 characters, that you send out into the twitter universe. It can be: a short statement about what you are doing, thinking or feeling; a reply to someone else's tweet; a direct message to someone else [only they can read it]

Q. How do I send a message to another person?
A.From Twitter page or twitter client you can type in "@" followed by the persons twitter name (example "@courosa" for Alec Couros)


Q. Can I send private messages? How? A. Yes, private (or direct messages) are easy to send. From Twitter homepage just type a "D" before the person's "@name" this also works for most Twitter clients.

Q. How do I embed URLs in my tweets?
A. Reference tinyurl... Remember to include the http: prefix...(if you use a twitter client such as TweetDeck [], this process is largely automated for you!

Q. Where can I find teachers to follow?
A. Twitter4Teachers. You will find hundreds of Teachers sorted into categories. A wealth of resources