To Tweet Or Not To Tweet – That is the Question



- Engaging
- Connect with others
- Share ideas, work, blog posts
- Collaborative
- Professional chat room
- expands your PLN
- Addicting
- Quick and easy to use
- Allows you to ask a question and receive answers from many people
- Research tool
- Social tool
- Teachable moments
- Establishes student networks
- Fills the gap between email and instant messages
- Global networking
- Builds Community
- Can be annoying when people Tweet too personal of information ie) going to the washroom
- Addicting
- Destroys 'real' conversations
- Turns individuals into nothing but a 'user ID'
- Encourages 'ranting' rather than 'reasoning'
- Some schools will not allow access to the site
- May be distracting for learners
- Lots of 'noise'
- Makes private conversations public
- Eavesdropping

These pros and cons can be applied to using it in the classroom as well; Twitter is a great way to facilitate discussion about current events, brainstorm and share ideas for class projects, and is an engaging way for students to have short, to the point, conversations about their learning. Teachers can set up their own chat rooms for their students (password protected) to participate in and can supervise what is being tweeted about. So what are you waiting for?! Become a Twitter Tweacher today!