What is TweetDeck?
TweetDeck is a quick and easy way to manage your tweets, status updates, direct messages, etc. The page is nicely organized for you and all of your Twitter services are viewable at once.

What does it do?
TweetDeck is an application that allows Tweeters to manage information all at the same time. It includes many usable services from Twitter, Twitscoop, 12seconds, Stocktwits, and much more.
Since Twitter can be somewhat overwhelming at first, Tweetdeck ‘enables users to split their main Twitter feed (All friends) into columns allowing a broader overview of tweets.’ (
The biggest advantage of using Twitter is to search across the twittersphere (monitor the subject) and group your contacts together (have separate columns for each group). This provides the you with a very effective dashboard of real time information.


Additional Features
  • Catch up with overnight global twitterings as TweetDeck stores all updates whilst running
  • Resize TweetDeck as either an unobtrusive column, full screen or anything in between
  • Auto updates from the Twitter API
  • Especially useful running full screen on a separate monitor
  • Continual status updates of TweetDeck and Twitter
  • Filter tweets using the tweet text, username, source or timeframe