Twitter is: The people I connect with on a daily basis to learn and share resources, thoughts and ideas. I never thought I would come so attached to Twitter at the beginning of my ECMP class and did it just because of the assignment. Proud to call myself a Twitter Tweacher. -- Kristina Dimini

Twitter is: is more than just a chat room; it is almost like a search engine. You have a question about something, or are looking for a good resource for a lesson in your classroom, ask your PLN on Twitter - send a tweet - and you will easily find your answer! Be creative - Be open minded - Be Tweetchable! -- Sarah Hill

It is extremely important to fill in your bio once you have an account. You are allowed 160 characters to explain who you are and why you are on Twitter. This information is important to have because it is the information that people will use to decide whether or not they want follow you. The people you follow and the people that follow you are what make Twitter the great resource that it is. This concept of following people, or building an online community, can also be labeled as a Professional Learning Network (PLN).

The world is a big place, but it seems that we are able to know more about the world and collaborate with so many more people because of technology, in this case, Twitter. Your network constantly grows, every day, which means your bank of knowledge and resources is growing every day. Twitter is such a valuable resource! Once you have your PLN you have a variety of resources at your fingertips. These resources will guide you in your professional development.